• Run An Empire

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    Sophia Ray directs this online commercial for the fitness and gamer super App. The humorous spot not taking itself too seriously and highlighting the Run An Empire Brand Ethos – that this app really is for anybody, not just fitness fanatics.

  • Jack Savoretti

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    When We Were Lovers

    Jake Jelicich directs this beautiful, visionary music video for BMG signed artist Jack Savoretti ‘When We Were Young’. Setting the video in stunning dystopian London, Jake combines his unique talents of lighting, camera, styling and brilliant casting to realise the narrative arc of a relationship gone sour.

  • IFAW

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    Suzy Puppy P.U.P.S

    Introducing the new Suzy Puppy!

    Sophia Ray directs the online commercial, D&AD and Branding Magazine awarded ‘Good Campaign Of The Week’. The toy puppy commercial starting off in that saccharine and super sweet world that you expect from a 90s toy commercial, however as the advert progresses takes a darkly surreal turn, the over-the-top happy voiceover working as sinister contrast as it showcases all of the ailments that come with the illicit and neglectful Puppy Farming Trade. Agency JWT, commissioned Sophia to help spread the word about staying informed about Puppy Farming for charity giants IFAW – doing so in an amusing and alternative way.


    - - -


    Here is the newest video from our Director Jake Jelicich for hot new band Blossoms. Here are a few words from Jake on his mysterious and stunning new promo:

    I wanted to tell a stylish abstract narrative, with elements of mythology that always intrigue me. I loved the idea of the band waking up in purgatory and gambling with ferrymen to get out, from there it developed pretty organically. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were having an out of body experience with the band, so we employed some pretty fun AR rig movement. Stylistically I was after a sense of nostalgia, so we lensed it with vintage glass and a healthy serving of haze.

  • Ode_To_Soho


    - - -

    Nice&Polite are proud to announce the win of the prestigious Gold Pencil at The One Show Awards 2016 in New York for the London Fashion Week film ‘Ode To Soho’ – directed by our very own Chris Hugall

    The One Show is one of the most revered and globally recognised awards shows in advertising, design and interactive. Judged every year by top industry professionals, a Gold Pencil is the ultimate symbol of creative excellence and we are very proud to have been involved in this project

    Huge thanks go to Chris Watling and the team at BBH/Black Sheep who gave us this fantastic opportunity

    For all enquiries about our award winning talent – please drop us a line here at Nice&Polite

  • BBH

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    The Power Of Difference

    Advertising behemoths BBH commissioned director Chris Hugall to tell their visual tale. Stock images, quirky portraits and filmed footage combine to represent the variety of characters and creatively vibrant culture that make up this globally successful agency, all topped off with a charming ditty from champion poet Harry Baker


    - - -

    In The Name Of You

    To celebrate the release of (absolute legend) Elton John’s new album ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’, Nice&Polite’s in-house team got busy with a suitcase full of super 8 footage and a pair of scissors. For this Americana-inspired track ‘In the Name of You’ we created a video that captures the nostalgia and vibrant pop culture of the classic 1970s American road trip – hair do’s, rollercoasters and even some night-life neon all combine sublimely to visually accompany this amazing song.


    - - -

    The Process: James Bay

    Apple Music recently commissioned Jake Jelicich to a direct a series of documentary pieces exclusively for their Apple Connect service, one of which was this piece on James Bay. The brief was to create a new kind of behind the scenes, one with a focus on the crafts of music and video colliding. Named ‘The Process’ these short films focus on the art of the music video, and explores what the modern music video is to these artists. Jake creates an artful and melancholic tone, capturing the behind the scenes action with a fresh aesthetic. Under the images, a bespoke piece of music was created for each episode, using recorded set sounds and samples from the shoot.

  • Disco Fries

    - - -

    For Disco Fries new track, ‘Born Ready’ Hive has created this explosive new video which captures the energy and vibrancy of the track with equally energetic visuals as a group of jocks and mean girls battle nerds over rooftops leading to a turbulent climax!


    - - -

    Slave To The Vibe

    For Billon’s take on 90′s dance track ‘Slave to the Vibe’, Jake Jelicich creates a psychedelic visual piece. Referencing film titles of the past, both grindhouse and modern – the visuals also pull inspiration from 90′s rave posters, with a tip of the hat to Helter Skelter.


    - - -

    Online content piece directed by Chris Hugall to celebrate the release of the new Marshall Code digital amp which can produce 1000′s of different sounds – featuring the band While She Sleeps.


    - - -

    Showcased on Wonderland magazine and at London Fashion Week – BGM get’s his post jive on in this stunning film, which served as the visual backdrop to the fashion label’s catwalk show.


    - - -

    Apple Music

    Apple Music commissioned Jake Jelicich at Nice & Polite to capture the process behind an amazing series of music videos, to feature on their Connect service… the first in the series to be released is for EDM kingpin Skrillex.


    - - -

    Chase & Status ft Giggs

    Award-winning director Taichi Kimura has been commissioned by legendary dance artist/producers Chase & Status to make 4 x documentary style music videos for their forthcoming EP. Here in this second instalment, the story is extended as Chase & Status collaborate with rap luminary, Giggs as the narrative continues to explore this Japanese invasion of the UK Grime scene.


    - - -

    Create Amazing Series

    Director Sophia Ray was commissioned by The Guardian and Lexus Cars, to work on a piece for their Create Amazing series. The campaign involving an animation and documentary film.

    Teaming up with sound artist Ash Koosha, who has Synaesthesia, they took 20 sound recordings of a Lexus car, and created an abstract musical track out of the sounds. Sophia then brought Ash’s vision, though his Synaesthesia, to life with a directed piece of 3D animation.


    - - -

    Award-winning director Taichi Kimura collaborated with Patrick Williams, from Chase and Status, to create this vibrant, dynamic music video for a recently-released track by Bonkaz. By attacking the visuals with popping backgrounds, an equally assorted wardrobe, tons of balloons and bottles of milk, the video captures the energy of the track.


    - - -

    Dominic O’Riordan picked up the award for Best Video at this years Ibiza Music Video Awards – congratulations Dom!!


    - - -

    With London Fashion Week just starting, it’s only right that LFW would release an edgy spot to celebrate its move to Soho.

    Partnering up with BBH, the two-minute long spot is directed by Chris Hugall and narrated by acclaimed World Slam champion poet Harry Baker who guides the viewer through the eclectic styles and colourful characters that make up the trendy neighbourhood.

    For all commercial enquiries – please drop us a line here at Nice&Polite

  • Level 3

    - - -

    Feeling Your Love

    For your viewing pleasure – here’s the latest video from director Sophia Ray for Sony Music artist Level 3.

    Combining her skills in filmmaking and animation she has created this trippy-street dance-roger rabbit style madness.

    If you would like us to create an animated dancing partner for you – please drop us a line here at Nice&Polite!

  • 5SOS

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    She's Kinda Hot (Lyric Video)

    The Nice&Polite Team continued the love-in with Aussie Superstars 5SOS to create another lyric video for their latest single, ‘She’s Kind Of Hot’. Taking inspiration from street art and Wall Murals, and collaborating with Illustrator Ben Rider in bringing the lyrics to life.

  • Jarryd James

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    Give Me Something

    Australian artist Jarryd James has released his second video ‘Give Me Something’ – a follow up to his debut single “Do You Remember”. Collaborating again with director Jake Jelicich, the video is a continuation from the previous black and white piece that earnt itself a mini cult following – ‘it’s a rebellion from black and white into bold filmic tones, yet it feels like both videos could exist together as two scenes from the same film. The clip plays with similar themes of memory and nostalgia – utilising zeitgeisty visual techniques referencing both the GIF culture of Tumblr and the cinematic legacy of California’s deserts.’ – Jake Jelicich


    - - -

    Live Tracks Concept

    At Nice&Polite we are constantly evolving the way we deliver music content – on this series of filmed live tracks for The Strypes director Jake Jelicich takes a different creative direction for each track – the content is then drip-fed to the fanbase as the album campaign progresses. Put on your sunglasses and take a look!

  • Roosevelt

    - - -

    Night Moves

    Taking inspiration from the Melancholy disco sound of the track – Sophia Ray’s video for Roosevelt’s Night Moves is based around an unhappy ‘human-disco-ball’ character, aimlessly wondering the streets alone at night, trying to find a place where he fits in. The video creating a slightly surreal and off-beat world of dark streets, flashing lights, vacant looks and dejected dance floors.

  • Lovebirds

    - - -

    Want You In My Soul

    Chris Hugall’s video for Lovebirds is a beautifully constructed piece following a free spirited couple on a late night drive together – the piece involving rich and colourful post effects that dance and paint over the footage.

  • Glenmorangie

    - - -

    Open Golf Championships

    Focussed around the 2014 Open Golf Championships, the team at Nice&Polite where asked to come up with a visual device to link Glenmorangie’s role as sponsor, with the daily news stream and images from Getty’s coverage at the event. This was then shown on the screens at train stations nationwide as the competitors battled for the coveted prize throughout the week long competition.

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer

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    Live At The Forum

    Nice&Polite deliver the latest music video for 5 Seconds Of Summer ‘What I Like About You’ with director Tom Van Schelven – filmed through the last few months tour + ending with their huge headline show at the Forum LA.

  • Beagle Street

    - - -

    Life Insurance Reborn

    The team at Nice&Polite were commissioned by Academy PR to create an online film for life insurance giants Beagle Street.

    Director Sophia Ray brings this video to life (thankfully not literally) with a slick yet prehistoric twist. For all palaeontology requests please drop us line.


    - - -

    L8 CMMR

    This lyric video for Lily Allen, directed by Sophia Ray, transports you into the land of 8 Bit joy – where Lily is the star of her own video game, defeating girls and collecting wine bottles and cigarettes.


    - - -

    Dreaming Of The Days

    Urban Strom travels to LA on the Nice&Polite private jet – to capture Katherine Jenkins in this beautifully considered video for her new single ‘Dreaming Of The Days’ – premiered at Harpers Bazaar this weekend.


    - - -

    A full service production and creative agency we combine a disciplined and exciting roster of talent, an in-house production team and handful of creative minds to realise whatever your brief from idea inception through to delivery.

    Working across a range of disciplines we create moving image for promos, commercials and TV & Film whilst also offering a full-service campaign design team – we can take any brief, working directly with you on the budget, creative and production process – and deliver a story which understands your message.

    Open, engaged and in-tune with your needs from start to finish… and all with a Nice&Polite smile to go along with it.

  • Virgin Media

    - - -

    The Nice&Polite news team were on site first to see this spectacular and amazing event – The Big Kahuna! (Brought to you by Virgin Media).

    The brief was to film, edit and deliver the project in 24 hours – and the multi talented Ampersand team did just that! Please contact the N&P hotline to report any other unusual sightings in your area.

  • 5SOS

    - - -

    As well as commissioning the VMA nominated videos for this globally successful campaign, Nice&Polite have also delivered this ground-breaking VMA Award winning video and marketing assets for this number one act – including a series of online comics around the original lyric video concept.

  • Mango

    - - -

    Rebel Campaign

    Nice&Polite were requested by Inclusive in Spain to find a world class director to fit the rock and roll brief for this stunning Mango campaign. Internationally successful music video director Ray Kay was the perfect choice.